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Support Project For New Farmers

Total support for strawberry farming from equipment installation, cultivation and marketing

By widely spreading the farming know-hows that combines the cutting edge agricultural techniques and agricultural ICT skills, we will create new employments and industries around the Tohoku region and more. Through the promotion of new farmers’ and businesses’ market entrances, we will be raising the new generation of farmers for our country.

Complete and Thorough Support Service Preparation

We provide a comprehensive farming support service from consideration about new entry to agriculture, planning/introducing strawberries’ cultivation equipment, cultivation, and purchase of the harvest for new farmers and businesses.

Application of The Forefront Agricultural Know-Hows

GRA will support the production with the latest cultivation system, which is based on GRA’s strawberry cultivating techniques earned by the experience of over 35 years of strawberry farming. Even after you acquire your independence as a farmer, by visiting you regularly and through indirect support, we will be solving your questions and anxiety about cultivation. Furthermore, new cultivation technologies developed at GRA will also be spread to our supporting farmers.

Sales Support

GRA holds a wide range of products from high rank strawberries for gifts to strawberries for general consumers. We will buy all of what our supporting farmers produced in reference to the GRA’s pricing standard, so producers do not need to find a new market from scratch. You don’t need to worry about where to sell your products.

*However, we do not guarantee the purchase of strawberries for processing purposes. Furthermore, if you have your own retailer or market already,

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