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Overseas Projects

Projects in India

By creating employment opportunities in farming villages in India, we participate in reduction of poverty in the area.

By utilizing Japanese protected horticulture techniques, we will provide delicious and safe foods to markets in India.

While taking the full advantage of Japanese cultivation skills, we have established the operation that enables wide horizontal expansion in India. Greenhouses are all designed and bought locally, and hence we help improving the production skills of local businesses while creating employment opportunities. In experimental greenhouses, we are working on raising seedlings and lengthening of harvesting period. We are cooperating with businesses/NPOs of both Japan and India for this matter.

In Maharashtra, Republic of India, cultivation of Japanese breed strawberries was launched

Following the success of the harvesting of Japanese-equivalent, sugar content (Brix) 15 strawberries, product marketing to hotels started

In order to improve productivity, second greenhouse was constructed and cultivation started.
Overseas brand "ICHIGO BERRY ~JAPAN BRAND~" was released

Projects in Middle East

Contributing to improvements of food self-support ratio, promotion of local employments and women’s right to participate in the society.

Research project in Saudi Arabia was started

Research in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates were conducted


By spreading strawberries and processed products using strawberries as Japan brand to overseas as large exports, we are both aiming at spreading the charms of Japanese strawberries and revitalization of Japanese strawberry industry at the same time.

Started considering spreading MIGAKI-ICHIGO Mousseux to Asia-Pacific area.
MIGAKI-ICHIGO and MIGAKI-ICHIGO Mousseux was launched in Hong Kong.