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GRA’s Mission and Company Overview

Mission Statement

In order to rebuild a region, we have to create a strong industry in the region.
The region can’t sustain its prosperity without industry - or more specifically, employment.
But why do those regional areas need to be energetic?
If you are a taxpayer in a city, you might feel this basic question.
There’s only one reason.
It’s to prevent opportunities for innovation to dry up that are brought in by diversity.
Japan’s precious diversity will disappear, if regions are lost.
As a result, the country will homogenize, and in medium to long term, the country will lose its national power.
You also should remember that there are wonderful aspects of region that cannot be told through economic rationality.
GRA Inc.’s mission is to bring regional societies a sustainable prosperity by making agriculture the strong industry.

What We Do

Production, marketing and export of agricultural products, research and development of agricultural technologies, development of district brands, development of processed products, development of oversea productions
Development, production, maintenance and services on agricultural business package

Company Overview

Trade Name

Agricultural Production Corporation GRA Inc.


  Hiroki Iwasa


Sakuratsutsumi-47, Yamadera, Yamamoto-cho, Watari-gun, Miyagi, Japan






34,200,000 JPY


July 1st, 2011


January 17th, 2012


Hiroki Iwasa, Yohei Hashimoto, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, NEC Corporation, JA MITSUI LEASING, LTD.

Associated Companies


Research/Cultivation Facilities

Corporate Group

  GRA INDIA Pvt. Ltd.  Local corporate body in India  More info

  ICHIGO inc.  Development and marketing of cosmetics line made from strawberries  Website

  NPO GRA / Non Profit Organization  NPO GRA is a non-profit organization, which aims at creation of new value rather than just a recovery, through generation of regional industries and educational supports for next generation using cutting-edge agriculture.  Website

Executives and Members of Executive Board

Hiroki Iwasa

Hiroki Iwasa
Representative Director/CEO
Iwasa was born in Yamamoto-cho, Watari-gun, Miyagi in 1977. He started an IT start-up company at the age of 24, and founded GRA group after the Tohoku earthquake. Iwasa works as a CEO of five different companies, and specializes in IT service managements.

Tadatsugu Hashimoto

Tadatsugu Hashimoto
Executive Vice President
Hashimoto has been a strawberry farmer for over 35 years, and was born in Yamamoto-cho, Watari-gun, Miyagi. He lost his entire strawberry farms and his residence by the Tohoku earthquake. He joined GRA right after the disaster in order to revive Yamamoto-cho as the producing center of strawberries. Hashimoto is responsible for directing farming at GRA.

Yohei Hashimoto

Yohei Hashimoto
Executive Vice President/COO
Hashimoto was born in Yamamoto-cho, Watari-gun, Miyagi in 1977. He has been working with social welfare projects at Yamamoto-cho Social Welfare Conference for more than 10 years. He joined GRA after the Tohoku earthquake, and is responsible for farming operation.

Shuji Shibata

Shuji Shibata
Manufacturing Control Manager
Shibata has been working in departments such as sales for 15 years in Nagano, but has also experienced agriculture like rice farming. He joined GRA in 2012, and now he is the Manufacturing Control Manager for the entire GRA.

Takashi Ueda

Takashi Ueda
Administration Management Supervisor
Ueda joined GRA after working for a foreign capital group in IT field for 15 years. In GRA, he is the supervisor for management divisions such as general affairs, accounting and human resources.

Kouji Tomoto

Kouji Tomoto
Financial Affairs/
Sales Supervisor

Tomoto worked for a major trust bank for 25 years, and joined GRA in 2013. He has been involved with GRA since its establishment to raise project funds. At the moment, he is the supervisor for financial affairs and sales.

Masashi Fukushima

Masashi Fukushima
GRA Agri-Platform Supervisor
Fukushima is the director of NPO GRA, and holds MBA. He was first involved with NPO GRA when volunteering for the Tohoku earthquake. Fukushima officially joined GRA (agricultural production corporation) in 2014, and has been searching for new farmers/businesses and has been supporting them entering the farming market. Fukushima is also the leader of NPO GRA’s educational project.

Shu Watanabe

Shu Watanabe
Overseas Projects Supervising Manager
Watanabe is responsible for all of the GRA group’s strategies for overseas project and operations.
NPO GRA Director

Shunsuke Baba

Shunsuke Baba
Brand Supervising Manager
Baba is in charge of GRA’s creative aspects and brand marketing, especially MIGAKI-ICHIGO.


Fumihiko Motomura

Fumihiko Motomura
Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Tax Accountant
Representative of the Office of Fumihiko Motomura
Motomura is in charge of back office works including financial affairs, accounting, labor, and taxation businesses at GRA.

Osamu Saikawa

Osamu Saikawa
Representative of the Osamu Saikawa Law Office
Saikawa is responsible for legal affairs such as the Agricultural Land Act and Seeds and Seedings Law at GRA.

Company History


  • Mar.
  • 3.11 Tohoku Earthquake
  • Apr.
  • "GRA Tour" for the disaster-stricken areas started
  • Jul.
  • Supports for reviving strawberry farming in Yamamoto-cho started
  • Sep.
  • Construction of the first strawberry greenhouse in Ushibashi district, Yamamoto-cho (GRA Ushibashi Farm) was launched


  • Jan.
  • Establishment of Agricultural Production Corporation, GRA Inc.
  • Apr.
  • Project in India was launched
  • Jun.
  • Yamamoto Research Facility for A Scheme to Revitalize Agriculture and Fisheries in Disaster Area through Deploying Advanced Technology by MAFF (GRA Yamadera Farm) was constructed
  • Sep.
  • GRA Inami Farm for the MAFF scheme was constructed
  • Nov.
  • EEC Farm in Maharashtra, India was constructed


  • Jan.
  • Announcement of "MIGAKI-ICHIGO" brand
  • Feb.
  • GRA Sakuratsutsumi Farm for the MAFF scheme was constructed
  • Aug.
  • Research project in the Middle East was launched
  • Dec.
  • "MIGAKI-ICHIGO Mousseux" (sparkling wine) was introduced


  • Feb.
  • MIGAKI-ICHIGO sales in Hong Kong started
  • Sep.
  • Joint research project with Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan was launched
  • Oct.
  • Second EEC Farm in Maharashtra, India was constructed
  • Dec.
  • MIGAKI-ICHIGO Mousseux was introduced in Hong Kong


  • Jan.
  • "MIGAKI-ICHIGO Canette" (canned sparkling wine) was introduced


These are the action guidelines that summarize the values we treasure.


Access to GRA Inc.:

By Public Transportation

By Car
Take the National Route 6 from Yamamoto Inter Change, Joban Expressway in Sōma direction, and then turn left at the signal in front of Yamashita Elementary School.

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